Aqua Clara specializes in providing the purest possible solutions for life’s most vital resource — water. Headquartered in Tokyo with branches in Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka, the company makes clean, safe and delicious water readily available to customers throughout Japan.

Poor water quality leads to health risks and can even damage entire ecosystems, which is why Aqua Clara produces its water at special plants that abide by strict criteria laid out by the Food Sanitation Act. After passing through a highly-advanced Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification system, the water is treated with four different kinds of minerals and softened for a healthy, tasty result. Well-balanced and highly versatile, Aqua Clara’s water is ideal for cooking, topical application and, because safety always comes first, preparing baby formula for your child.

Aqua Clara

Aqua Clara’s services go beyond just what we consume. The company also makes sleek, highly functional dispensers in which to store its products. With various sizes and designs available, customers can choose the best model for their homes. Furthermore, Aqua Clara offers a bottle delivery service, using reusable and recyclable containers to reduce plastic waste and pollution. Convenient and environmentally friendly, Aqua Clara provides a fantastic alternative to our lifestyle habits.

Those who enroll in Aqua Clara’s services before the end of December will receive a gift of either a barbecue griddle or a soda maker. First-time applicants may also take advantage of some special discounts.

For all inquiries, visit or call 090-6042-8146.