Fans of Pokémon Go have no doubt experienced the frustration of having their mobile phone battery run out of juice just when a rare Pokémon is within their grasp. They are not alone, nearly 70 percent of mobile phone users have reported stress related to low battery issues whilst out and about. Luckily, with 5,200 nationwide locations in places such as train stations, airports and convenience stores, ChargeSPOT has made mobile phone charging quick, easy and accessible.

The process couldn’t be simpler. Download the multilingual app, find a location on the map, scan the QR code on the ChargeSPOT machine’s interface and out pops the lightweight charger. Each charger has three cables; Micro USB, Type C and Apple Lightning, so whatever your device, ChargeSPOT has you covered. The rental fee won’t break the bank either, an initial hour costs just ¥150 whilst a further 47hrs will set you back just an extra ¥150. The cashless system means that all billing is made via your regular mobile phone service provider.

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As a further perk, numerous tie-ins offer coupons and bonuses — sponsored Pokestops in Pokémon Go, for example, provide weekly free coupons such as 1 hour free usage for ChargeSPOT. The company also has disaster relief in mind. During a natural disaster all machines are programmed to release chargers free of charge, whilst the cabinets themselves will display live emergency notifications and government announcements on their screens.

ChargeSPOT is already available in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand, with further expansion planned across Asia including Singapore, Korea and Malaysia. This means ChargeSPOT’s devices are not just limited to being picked up and dropped between locations in one country, travelers now have the convenience of being able to do so across two entirely different countries.

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