salon-sakuraIn this quiet, hidden Japanese-style salon, with delicate flowers adorning the reception area reflecting the current season, the experience of acupuncture is nothing short of an indulgence. Sakura salon prides itself on its comfort and privacy, escorting guests to quiet, recessed rooms where they can enjoy their treatment away from the eyes of other patrons.

Acupuncture has a long history as an effective alternative medicine, gradually becoming popularized over the past few decades, counting celebrities like Madonna and Angelina Jolie among its ardent fans.

While acupuncture is generally used as a form of natural healing for a wide range of ailments, one unique application that Sakura salon specializes in is pain-free beauty acupuncture. These treatments improve skin quality by providing lift, reducing swelling and purifying skin tone. The results are shockingly immediate. While topical cosmetics can only make contact with the skin’s surface, this kind of treatment directly targets the facial muscles and lymph vessels, resolving some skin ailments in a matter of moments.

Pain-free beauty acupuncture treatments
improve skin quality by providing lift, reducing swelling and purifying skin tone.

Sakura salon also offers the more traditional medical acupuncture treatments, which can treat symptoms as wide-ranging as headaches, shoulder stiffness, back pain, eye strain and chills. This form of treatment awakens the natural force of the skin to bring balance to the entire body, including limbs, shoulders and the digestive system. Your body’s natural ability to heal will receive a powerful boost.

One of Sakura salon’s greatest innovations is incorporating Reiki healing into their treatments. Reiki healing has recently become wildly popular all over the US and Europe. While primarily used for stress reduction, Reiki healing’s real power comes from administering mental calmness and improving mental vitality, bolstering one’s concentration, intuition, even strengthening your imagination.

To provide the highest-quality personalized treatment possible, Sakura salon’s appointments are entirely through reservation. Please visit the salon’s homepage and fill in the reservation form to experience the wonders, delights and true indulgence of acupuncture.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Salon Sakura
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