Le Cafe V

Le Cafe V

Louis Vuitton’s elevated cafe in Tokyo


Photo from the official website of Le Cafe V

Perched atop Louis Vuitton’s seven-story, mother-of-pearl mirror house in Tokyo’s Ginza neighborhood, Le Cafe V elevates brunch aesthetic in an area already renowned for its vogue sensibilities. Fluttering ceiling ornaments, blue half-moon couches, micro-scale bar seating; Le Cafe V looks and feels like a modish speakeasy. This haute intention carries over to the food and drink on offer, as well. The vanilla-bourbon mille-feuille and raspberry-citrus macaron are expertly crafted and carry handsome flavor profiles. The cappuccinos feature latte art depicting the brand’s iconic blossom design. Perhaps most mesmerizing, however, are the boxes of chocolates that receive their own real estate in the corner of the cafe. Produced by the revelatory French fusion restaurant, Sugalabo, and reflecting the mind-warping varnish of the building’s exterior, the chocolates echo the ethos of the branding they’re emblazoned with.


Location: 7-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, 7F

(5 min. walk from Ginza Staion)

Open every day from 11AM-8PM

Instagram: @lecafev