Onsen and sento have long been hailed in Japan for their health benefits, but Cryo Tokyo is blowing these rejuvenating treatments out of their own water with its cryotherapy treatment. As the name suggests, cryotherapy literally means “cool therapy.” This cutting edge, speedy therapeutic treatment has become increasingly popular among world’s top-tier athletes and Hollywood celebrities. It’s a process that exposes your body to extremely cold temperatures generated from liquid nitrogen, ranging from -120°C to -196°C. Cryo Tokyo is bringing this U.S.-born technology to Japan at its clinic in Minato-ku’s Azabu-juban. 

Cryogenic chamber

How does cryotherapy work?

The science behind cryotherapy is all about Nitric Oxide (NO). NO is the chemical that prevents your veins from hardening. Usually, you’d need to jog for at least 30 minutes everyday to have enough of this essential chemical compound flow in your body. With cryotherapy, the procedure is simple and fast. Simply stand in a cryogenic chamber for two or three minutes and you are done with your body recovery session.

Cryotherapy can help you…

Cryogenic chamber exposes your body to extreme low temperatures

1. Recover from your gym sessions

Some of the major fans of cryotherapy are athletes. It first became popular among Western athletes but now even Japanese baseball and soccer teams have adopted cryotherapy as one of their essential recovery processes. Why do athletes prefer this therapy? The main reason is that the process is so speedy. Instead of spending 20 minutes in an ice bath, cryotherapy only takes a maximum of three minutes to help you recover from a whole day of training. 

2. Combat fatigue and release your stress 

We all know Tokyo life can be pretty stressful and tiring. Located in Azabu-juban, a central business district in Tokyo, Cryo Tokyo is the perfect place to release all of that post-work fatigue and stress right after you step out of your office building. Count to 120 in the cryotherapy chamber and your endorphins and adrenaline are all ready to boost your energy and your level of happiness.

Cyro Facial

3. Wake up your skin

Tokyo weather is not the best for your skin. If you ever wonder why your skincare routine isn’t really working to give you that flawless glow, give cryotherapy a try! The process improves your blood circulation and rejuvenates your skin as it also helps your body produce more collagen, an essential ingredient for slowing down skin aging. Facial-only treatments are available at Cryo Tokyo rather than full-body. 

4. Help with weight loss

Are you on a diet or trying to lower your fat percentage? If so, cryotherapy is definitely something you should try as the coolness speeds up your metabolism. When you step into the -120°C chamber, your body will naturally try to keep you warm and this will result in a faster metabolism.

Time and health. These are two of the most valued things for people living in any high pressure, fast paced metropolitan. Give cryotherapy a try at Cryo Tokyo and you might finally find your new place of peace and rejuvenation in the center of Tokyo. 


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