LOVEHO SELECTS Designer Edition

LOVEHO SELECTS Designer Edition

See three cherry-picked design talents in LOVEHO SELECTS


Since its birth in 2018, Tokyo Love Hotels has showcased over 300 local and international artists, pop-ups, and performance acts. In collaboration with Metropolis, Tokyo Love Hotels cherry-picks three talents each month to be featured as LOVEHO SELECTS, showcasing artists and small businesses to readers and culture enthusiasts alike.

For this issue, Tokyo Love Hotels has selected three of its favorite up-and-coming designers; with emphasis on their unique characteristics and love for fashion.

SauRas Being

Credit: IG @sauras_being

LoveHo says:
A streetwear brand as elusive and mysterious as it is community-based and accessible, we think of SauRas Being as fashion resulting from a meeting between art and science. Their creations have an exclusive feel, and the quirky graphics leave us strangely hooked. You’d be lucky to stumble upon one of their designs.

We have been slowly making clothes and music since 2019, with an emphasis on quality.

Message from SauRas Being:
“You can also check out our work online”

Daniela Maribel

Credit: IG @daniela_maribel

LoveHo says:
When you walk into the pop-up shop section of Tokyo Love Hotels, it is hard to miss Daniela Maribel’s colorful, handmade embroideries. Each item seems to be made with a specific vibrancy and intention in mind. Utilizing both new-made and vintage pieces, she embroiders on a vast array of mediums, original and custom-made alike.

– Heartfelt gifts touch people’s hearts –
We work on making custom-made embroideries and costumes with this concept. Our original embroideries range from clothes, shoes, accessories and even furnishings by applying various materials and techniques.

“Thank you for reading. I take orders through Instagram DMs and web inquiries. My hand embroidery & needlework can be done on your own belongings such as clothes, bags, and shoes. If you want to have your own clothes embroidered, feel free to contact me.

Wearing Maria

Credit: IG @daniela_maribel

LoveHo says:
Wearing Maia’s popup at Tokyo Love Hotels was a breath of buoyant air. The color palette and playful designs were beaming with positive energy, and Maia, the designer, is herself an exact representation of this figure. Each garment is full of character, attracting customers and catching eyes without hesitation. Her love and skill for her craft are evident through each piece, and sooner or later, we believe the whole world will be “Wearing” Maia.

Wearing Maia creates colorful festival fashion for the odd bod. Adorning and celebrating all shapes and sizes, specializing in limited fabrics and sentimental clothing, made with love, care and durability.

Every piece is made with aesthetics as the goal, and sustainability kept firmly in mind. Incorporating up-cycled fabrics wherever possible from both Japan and Australia, you can be happily assured that each garment is ethically sourced and thoughtfully made so that it is as good for the earth as it is on your fine behind.

Message from Wearing Maia:
“Having moved from Australia eight years ago, it has been an absolutely blessed whirlwind to meet and be involved with the creative community here in Tokyo. Relishing collaborative projects has allowed me to meet so many other, talented like-minded people from all over the world and expand my brand in new directions.

In 2023 I completed my first international Fashion Week in Vancouver, brought new opportunities for AI in fashion and furthered my skills in pattern making and construction. For 2024 I am looking forward to connecting with fellow divas and growing Wearing Maia to be more accessible. Reach out for collaborations or custom outfits! <3“

“Tokyo Love Hotels is an art event organization based in Tokyo, Japan, that gathers local and international talents of all ranges to share a night of art, music, experiences, and love with the community. They support artists by providing space for them to perform, promote, network, sell, and exhibit their work; free of charge and commission.”

Official Website:

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