Dominic Allen

Dominic Allen

DJ, music rep


Originally published on on October 2007


Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Tokyo and have lived in California, Southeast Alaska and Japan.

What do you currently do?
I represent a music label called Interchill Records, and I DJ at indoor and outdoor events, some of which help promote environmental awareness and healthy lifestyles. I have DJ’d for Solstice, Mother Productions and Japan Airlines’ in-flight radio channel.

Tell us about Interchill.
It is a Canadian independent downtempo label based in Salt Spring Island, BC, and has developed a solid reputation in the global electronic scene for releasing quality music that lasts. With a focus on “organic electronica,” the label maintains diversity while drawing a continuous thread through the cutting-edge in dub, world-fusion, ambient, lounge and all points between.

How do you like to relax away from music?
I am an avid camper, and make it a habit of exploring campgrounds and onsen either on my 650cc scooter or in my 4WD SUV.

Since you were born in Japan and grew up here, name one way that you think Japan has changed for the better since your childhood.
The educational system has improved by cutting school hours and placing less of an emphasis on academic results.

How about for the worse?
Traffic jams and the overcrowded trains just keep getting worse.

What would you like to challenge in the future?
Work-wise, I would like to fine-tune the distribution of Interchill music throughout Asia, and promote the merits of purchasing music through digital downloads, which these days is very convenient and affordable. Artistically, I would like to participate more in collaborative multimedia gatherings offering art, performance, music, dance, workshops and awareness of critical global issues.