Serving oyakudon since 1907 


Toritoh is an oyakodon dive tucked away in the sprawling maze that is the Tsukiji Outer Markets. The remnants of the world’s most famous fish market might seem like an odd place to find a stellar chicken, egg and rice bowl restaurant, but the joint’s legacy predates the market itself. Toritoh is actually an antenna shop of a chicken and duck wholesale company of the same name that’s been in operation since 1907. The city’s premier purveyor of poultry used to hawk its produce at Nihombashi Uogashi, Tsukiji Market’s forerunner. When the market moved, Toritoh moved with it — one of the only chicken wholesalers to do so. Today, Toritoh pays homage to the company’s original Meiji-era restaurant and serves only a small selection of dishes in its steamy, cramped quarters, none of which stray far from the inspired classics.

There’s plenty more where this timeless restaurant came from. Check out our full article here.

4-8-6 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku
4 min. walk from Tsukiji Station