Meet the founders | January 2024


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Since its birth in 2018, Tokyo Love Hotels has showcased over 300 local and international artists, pop-ups, and performance acts. In collaboration with Metropolis, Tokyo Love Hotels cherry-picks 3 talents each month to be featured as LOVEHO SELECTS, showcasing artists and small businesses to readers and culture enthusiasts alike.

“Tokyo Love Hotels is an art-event organization based in Tokyo, Japan, that gathers local and international talents of all ranges to share a night of art, music, experiences, and love with the community. They support artists by providing space for them to perform, promote, network, sell, and exhibit their work; free of charge and commission.”

Commemorating the start of 2024, this month’s LoveHo Selects will feature the Tokyo Love Hotels founders themselves: kalinlaw and Robin Rastenberger, providing insight into their personal artistic journeys.

Artist: kalinlaw 

LoveHo says:

As the co-founder of Tokyo Love Hotels, kalinlaw (aka Mrs. LoveHo) is a social ray of light, welcoming and encouraging all to pursue their dreams. While utilizing her personal experiences and talents, she provides guidance and a sense of belonging to whoever she meets.

As an artist, she conveys another side; depth, introspectiveness, and a sense of mystery are portrayed through her various choices of mediums, yet all contain the same greater theme and underlying note: “Love”. The love for nature, the love for human interaction, the love for love, carefully presented in a way that provides the viewer with equal amounts of melancholy and happiness; emotions vital to each and every one of us.


kalinlaw is a multimedia artist, curiously creating art based on plants.

Message from kalinlaw:

“I look forward to seeing you all at my next exhibition in Tokyo!” 



Composer: Robin Rastenberger

LoveHo says:

As the co-founder of Tokyo Love Hotels, Robin Rastenberger (aka Mr. LoveHo) welcomes all with his love, humor and care. His generosity knows no bounds, and he goes out of his way to ensure that each artist showcases their artwork to its fullest potential. 

As a musician and soundscape composer, Robin has mesmerized the crowd with his versatile musical talent and capacity for emotional connection. His musical style can range from experimental dream-like sets to acoustics as if singing to fairies in an enchanted forest. Robin’s natural yet unique musical talent and beautiful soul are the driving force behind the high demand for his involvement in various projects and collaborations.


Robin Rastenberger is a soundscape composer and artist based in Tokyo, Japan. Utilizing urban and natural samples in conjunction with digital processing, he composes BGM and meditative soundscapes for art exhibitions, museums, festivals, hotels, and diverse venues. Heavily influenced by sound therapy, and the ambiance between nature and city life, he emphasizes the emotional state and personal experience of the listener.

He co-founded Tokyo Love Hotels in 2018, providing a platform for emerging and established artists, creators, and designers to network and showcase their work, free of charge and commission.

Message from Robin Rastenberger:

“Regardless of whether you have a solid goal in mind or are searching for a purpose, get out there and communicate your intentions. The more you project, the more it’ll define both you and your journey, provide a sense of direction and allow the people around you to help.”



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