One upscale mega-mall to rule them all


On April 20th, the doors open on Tokyo’s newest dazzling temple to consumerism. The 2-block structure, known as Ginza Six (or G-Six, if you’re into the whole brevity thing), is now the largest retail and mixed-use facility in Ginza, and rivals its creators’ other massive projects, such as Roppongi Hills and Omotesando Hills.

「GINZA SIX」外観画像_02

Housed within its sprawling 148,700 square meters are 8 floors of shopping and eating, 6 floors of office space, a Noh theater, a tourist service center, custom-designed art by Yayoi Kasuma, amongst others, and one killer rooftop garden. The usual suspects of luxury brands make their appearance here but it’s certainly of note that amongst the 241 brands housed within, more than half are new flagship stores. There’s also a resplendent Tsutaya Books on the 6th floor, with a seriously impressive collection of art books. Though it will doubtlessly be crawling with crowds in the weeks – or even months – following its opening, Ginza Six has positioned itself as THE new space in Tokyo to lose an entire day wandering.

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