Have you visited Tokyo’s newest anime store?

Have you visited Tokyo’s newest anime store?

The newly-opened animate Ikebukuro flagship store in Tokyo


Tokyo is the heart and soul of anime and if you’re an anime fanatic who’s ever tried to research the best merchandise stores in Tokyo, you’ll know that “animate” in Akihabara is a must-visit. The expansive anime goods shop opened its brand new flagship store in Ikebukuro on March 16 2023, with more of the products that you love as well as some very exciting new features. 

animate, one of Japan’s largest retail chains for anime, manga and game merchandise, currently has 123 stores within Japan and several abroad, including locations in Shanghai, Bangkok, Seoul, Taipei and other major cities. The latest store is filled with otaku delights all the way from the basement to the ninth floor, an animate Theater for live events, a Space Galleria exhibition space, and an anime-themed cafe. 

Whether you’re a dedicated anime fan searching for exclusive picks or a complete newcomer to the anime scene, there is truly something for everyone. With hundreds of thousands of items ranging from mainstream to more niche titles, you’ll find everything from figurines, magazines and collectibles to character items, keychains, plushies and more. Even with the shift to online media, animate still carries CDs, Blu-rays, games and manga. 

But what really sets animate apart is the limited edition merchandise, which can only be found at the chain’s stores. If you’re a big anime fan, there may be some merchandise that you’ve never seen before. You never know what exclusive treasures you’ll find, such as special edition Blu-rays, DVDs, figurines and rare art books.

animate’s new flagship store will also have several new features that are sure to delight fans of all kinds. The animate Theater will feature live script readings, stage performances, and talk shows – bringing anime to life in an entirely new way. The Space Galleria exhibition space will showcase exclusive anime, manga and game content, giving fans a chance to explore the creative process behind these artworks. 

And of course, no anime store would be complete without an anime-themed cafe. At animate cafe Gratte, you can enjoy lattes with beloved characters printed on top.

There are options for every type of anime, manga and game fan. For example, there will be exhibitions featuring incredibly exclusive items; and an amazing selection of anime merchandise that can introduce you to even more worlds within this very special genre.