Hocus Pocus Doughnuts

Hocus Pocus Doughnuts

Nagatacho's most stylish treats


Hocus Pocus in Nagatacho has certainly mastered the art of illusion. Step through its doors, and you are suddenly transported to the heart of Los Angeles. All the necessary components for this trick are present: minimalist design, an excess of lush green foliage and a hyper fixation on the artistry of donuts. Housed in glass cases, the donuts at Hocus Pocus feel like exotic animals on display. Flavors like lemon poppyseed-fennel and blueberry-praline-dill wrestle for your attention, with each ring more fabulously decorated than the next. The wild flavor combinations never fail to impress, and the donuts themselves are fantastically fluffy. The concept of elevating donuts from pedestrian fare to principal roles in a posh cafe risks creating expectations that are simply too great to achieve, but Hocus Pocus rises to the high bar it sets. The result is spellbinding.

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2-5-3 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku
6 min. walk from Nagatacho Station