Weave Place – Asakusa Kaminarimon

Weave Place – Asakusa Kaminarimon

Convenient modern apartments in the heart of traditional Tokyo


The professionals at Weave Living, one of Asia’s leading living sector specialists, understand that it can be difficult to find just the right rental accommodation in Tokyo. As well as logistical concerns such as proximity to work or school, it can be difficult to even know where to start looking in order to find a stylish modern apartment in the kind of neighborhood that combines a sense of tradition with the conveniences of modern life.

Not everyone looking to rent an apartment in Tokyo has the same priorities or needs, which is why Weave Living operates properties in seven different locations around the capital: Asakusa, Ryogoku, Morishita, Waseda, Monzennakacho, Koenji, and Kunitachi. These various neighborhoods all have their own unique benefits and charms, providing a much-needed diversity of options to prospective tenants of Tokyo. 

Weave Living is also aware of the many practical hurdles that renters may face within the Tokyo rental property market, from landlords concerned about renting to foreign residents to the confusing nature of complicated renter’s regulations. Because Weave Living is set up to cater to both Japanese and foreign customers, the company aims to simplify procedures, providing clear explanations in English or Japanese to take the stress out of searching for new rental accommodation.

Many rental properties in Japan are also subject to long fixed rental terms and a bewildering number of steep initial fees. Weave Living is fully aware that such conditions can be tough on renters, especially those who are new to Tokyo and may not have access to a large lump sum of cash when they first arrive or who may wish to leave at fairly short notice. Rental terms with Weave Living are flexible and initial fees such as security deposits are minimal, with no need for the dreaded “key money” (essentially a gift for the landlord). Rent guarantors are also not required for Weave Living apartments, a relief to those who may not have anyone who they can ask to act as a guarantor.  

While some of the most charming old neighborhoods in Tokyo come with the caveat of rundown unattractive old housing, Weave Living does not believe that its customers should have to make such a tradeoff. Weave Living’s newest property, Weave Place-Asakusa Kaminarimon features chic, comfortable apartments with all the most modern amenities. The apartments come in different sizes and configurations (1DK, 2DK, 2LDK, 3LDK) with rent from ¥205,000 per month (rental rates are inclusive of Wi-Fi and all utilities). All apartments come fully furnished so that residents can simply arrive with a suitcase and immediately make themselves at home. Located on a quiet side street where locals calmly stroll or pedal their bicycles around, access to public transportation is nonetheless superb, with three train stations within five minutes of the front door. Haneda Airport can be reached via the Asakusa Line in just 45 minutes.

Asakusa is a neighborhood where history lives and breathes. Behind the iconic red chochin lantern of Kaminarimon Gate, beneath the graceful silhouette of Senso-ji Temple’s pagoda at sunset, shops sell traditional pottery, lacquerware, and textiles amidst the warm aromas of hot tempura and baked senbei.

The appeal of Asakusa as a place to live and learn about traditional culture is undeniable. Aside from the obvious attractions of Senso-ji and Kaminarimon, there are many classes offered in the area where residents can try their hand at cultural pursuits such as ikebana, calligraphy, taiko drumming, or Japanese home cooking. Atmospheric old restaurants like Asakusa Ginshachi, which specializes in charcoal-grilled fish and features its own house sake, provide a taste of the food eaten in this area for generations. Kokugikan, the home of professional sumo wrestling, is just a short walk across Asakusabashi Bridge, and boats can be taken down the historic Sumida River to the Hama Rikyu Teien Garden.

And yet Asakusa is anything but a neighborhood stuck in the past. The area is replete with delicious bakeries and trendy coffee spots like Fuglen and Sukemasa Coffee, as well as international restaurants specializing in everything from Brazilian churrasco to modern Japanese kaiseki to French haute cuisine. Plentiful local supermarkets, convenience stores, and drugstores make it a breeze to shop for daily necessities, while flower shops offer just the right touch to give your apartment that homey seasonal feeling. As for modern architecture, Asakusa provides dramatic views of the Tokyo Skytree, Japan’s tallest structure. 

To view information and photographs of all Weave Living properties, including Weave Place-Asakusa Kaminarimon, please check out the Weave Living website (available in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese). Via the website, you can schedule a property viewing to start your journey towards renting a fantastic apartment in one of Tokyo’s most fascinating neighborhoods. Alternatively, online contracting is available, allowing residents to complete the booking process online and reserve an apartment before they arrive in Tokyo.