Squadcar release “Dayglow”

Squadcar release “Dayglow”

Introducing the new track from former Tokyo indie mainstays


When Squadcar came onto the Tokyo indie scene in the early 00s things were different. Even moreso than today it was rare to see western bands performing in livehouses around Shibuya and Shimokitazawa and even more rare for foreign bands to become mainstays in those scenes. Squadcar arose twenty years ago as a band that was distinctly themselves, neither conforming to the local scene at the time nor following the typical path of a foreign band in Tokyo. They remained resolute in their sound, their identity and their way of doing things, releasing a number of albums between 2002 and 2006. 

Now twenty years later, in the midst of a pandemic and with members split between Singapore and Vancouver, the band has been forced to adapt to geographic hurdles, releasing two new remotely-produced singles and videos in 2022, “Lets Stay Alone” in May and the new track “Dayglow.”

The band describes the new track as such, Dayglow” is a song about finally breaking free and heading toward the light. It’s a song about knowing that you need to work on yourself, and even though you may be physically alone, you’ll always have friends you can run to.

Accompanying the new track is a video produced over the course of twelve months by band members Glenn and Dan in Singapore and Vancouver respectively and producer Andre in Tokyo. Speaking on the production process behind the video, the band says, With Glenn in Singapore, Dan in Vancouver and Andre in Tokyo each of them spent the next year gathering footage and trading it back and forth over dropbox. The final result is a journey through four continents with thousands of miles of driving, flying, biking, bus riding, walking and standing around waiting for the sun to move to just the right spot in the sky.

The new track is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music and the video is available on Youtube.