A one-stop beauty and anti-aging salon


Since 2004, HO’ME has been a one-stop salon providing a variety of anti-aging beauty treatments for clients specifically seeking fast results. The beauty menu ranges from their most popular spray tanning solution “Body Coloring,” to slimming machines known as “ALEX-S” and “Regen,” and a quick and easy permanent hair removal treatment. HO’ME was the first-ever salon to introduce spray tanning to Japan, developing an original spray tan formula to suit the Japanese climate to achieve a longer-lasting natural tan. They currently have over 90 partner salons across the country trained in the use of HO’ME products. Clients frequently include fitness contestants, fashion models and celebrities traveling from overseas, and they have been highly rated for their quality service over the years. With over twenty years of experience, the bilingual staff caters easily to both local and international clients.

Spray Tanning
Radio Frequency Body & Facial Treatment
Slimming Machine
Hair Removal

504 Kamikedai 2155, 2-15-5, Kamikedai, Ota-ku, Tokyo
11am-8pm (Closed Tuesday)