Horoscope Jan 27 – Feb 2

Horoscope Jan 27 – Feb 2

It’s In The Stars Weekly Horoscope  ♥ Love    ¥ Money    ♣ Luck Horoscope Jan 27 – Feb 2 March 20 – April 18 ♥♥♥¥¥¥¥♣♣♣♣ Uranus in your house of finances is blessed, receiving a gift from Neptune. This is the planet of all that is divine. What comes your way may be extravagant and […]


It’s In The Stars Weekly Horoscope 

♥ Love    ¥ Money    ♣ Luck

Horoscope Jan 27 – Feb 2

March 20 – April 18


Uranus in your house of finances is blessed, receiving a gift from Neptune. This is the planet of all that is divine. What comes your way may be extravagant and beautiful. It arrives from your house of dreams. Uranus creates a quick surprise. You could suddenly be a winner, reap a bonus, or jump into an agreement that gets pricier with each step. Watch every moment.

April 19 – May 19


Mars in your finance sector makes you bold. You may notice you move fast, passing others in your latest quest. Want to investigate? Since Mars and Mercury are in direct motion, you can cut through the currents. What you held dear in your dreams may be shifting. You’re actually closer to your goals. Determination and strength are qualities you can count on.

May 20– June 20


Activities come from friends and groups. Dreams are in the midst of a breakthrough. Uranus likes to open virtual walls to see what’s really behind them. Enjoy this breath of fresh air in your daily routine. Mars is in your sign. Since this planet of action and ruler Mercury are both in direct motion, you’ll surpass what you have planned. Just another inspired Gemini moment.

June 21 – July 21


The aspects between the planets combine what’s on your mind with the route to get there. In addition to these starry elements, Cancer excels in the land of feelings. If you could choose the timing, flowing through your own currents would be your perfect world. A friendly relationship or offer of assistance may surprise you. Dreams of a spiritual nature take hold.

July 22 – August 22


You give so much, yet always find time for more. This week starts out with a challenge, then reaches to embrace your dreams. The Sun in your relationship sector makes a smooth and sassy aspect to Mars. These two enjoy a complementary bond. Confidence grows as you take a step forward. Uranus jumps in to bring a surprise connection. Money, maybe?

August 23 – September 21


You’ll get through this week without having to hold your breath Greater forces may make you more of a reluctant participant and less of a blissful bystander. Your relationship sector is so full that you are impacted, single or spoken for. While Virgos prefer to quietly sidestep a situation, or attempt a bait and switch, Uranus trine Mercury makes every moment count.

September 22 – October 22


Librans have little time to rest and are perfectly happy to participate. You’re in a gifted mode of mind and heart. Energy and focus entwine for captivating creations. Magical moments are second nature now that you wear wizardry skills where others can see them. The Sun trines Mars, putting you at the center of romance and a spiritual focus that just won’t quit.

October 23 – November 21


Feel like you’re seeing the world differently? Your ability to know what motivates a person or presentation is always substantial. This week it’s golden and gifted. Go ahead, let those pearls of wisdom come straight from the cosmos. Mercury trines Uranus to keep you connected. Expect good news to bubble up with a dose of heart and energy.

November 22 – December 20


Enjoy channeling the universe as you come up with your next great plan. Someone has to guide gifts of the spirit into the physical world! Validation not easily felt? The stars really do let you move forward. The Sun – Mars trine brings connections into direct focus. Align with what you love. Mercury trines Uranus. Money can spontaneously appear with regard to your work.

December 21 – January 18


This can be an excellent week for you. If it doesn’t start out that way, just keep going. A karmic glitch gets adjusted and all is well. Two positive trines make your life easier. The Sun trine Mars aligns your heart with your income. Work is only part of this puzzle. Mercury in Capricorn trines Uranus in your sector of romance. Anything can happen, and may.

January 19 – February 17


The Sun is in your sign, Aquarius. Happy Birthday! Whatever you’re up to, find a space to celebrate. This week starts with a karmic challenge. Let yourself glide through it as the rest of the universe settles into place. When the Sun trines Mars, you’re up and running with a confidence you enjoy. Mercury trines Uranus. Dreams and a home come together. Surprise!

February 18-March 19


As the final sign of the zodiac, you are anything but last. Your finesse at feeling through cosmic waves is legendary. Others may sense something is coming, but you know the size and the shape. The only time a Pisces is taken by surprise is when distracted or pulled off balance. Venus has just entered your sign. This is a week when beauty becomes part of your daily life.

Illustrations by wynettaceasarani