Mar 21-Apr 20

♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

Whatever you choose to do could heat up, which is just fine. Things will not get better if people hide their heads in the sand—something you would never do! Mars, your ruler, goes direct this week. There is still some unearthing to be done. You’ll enjoy bringing the light of day to things close to your heart. Mercury moves into your home arena to add creative expression.


Apr 21-May 21

♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Mars moves direct to assist partnerships mid-week. You may not have to go it alone. Venus and the Sun want you to enjoy some of the finer things in life. Mercury joins this luxury power group, adding a boost to help this happen. You have a generous, loving heart. Wishing the best for your friends brings only the choicest of experiences right back to you.


May 22-Jun 21

♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣

You lose Mercury from your personal sphere (solar first house), but that’s fine because it’s your ruling planet. It slips into your finance sector, where it joins the Sun and Venus. The lineup of these celestial bodies paves the way for money, income, and ownership of beautiful things. If they don’t arrive on their own, be sure to treat yourself! This is a week to enjoy the passage of time.


Jun 22-Jul 23

♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Just as Venus and the Sun entered Cancer last week, Mercury enters your sign now. They want to see you comfortable. They become a trio of gentle but firm expression of your needs. Whether it’s a hug, financial recognition, or an attractive upgrade; Mercury helps you say it, the Sun helps bring it to you, and Venus adds the frills. Mars moves to your love sector on Thursday—a romantic bonus!


Jul 24-Aug 23

♥♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

The Sun and Venus are in your solar 12th house, with Mercury arriving mid-week. Dreams light up. You deserve a bit of luxury! Right now is about considering your wish list and what would make you the most comfy and happy. Then Mars moves direct. Plan for stamina and a forward approach starting Thursday, especially when it comes to where you live.


Aug 24-Sep 23

♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Mercury, your ruler, influences groups, especially your friends. You can talk and be heard just when you need to make a difference. You won’t mind being incrementally specific; you know it’s the finesse between good and great. The Sun and Venus add depth. Mars moves direct mid-week, which is a relief to everyone, but especially you. If you need to be in touch, do it!


Sep 24-Oct 23

♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣

Wisdom comes at a high price, but you’ve paid it. It’s OK to stand up for what you believe, or champion those who cannot do so. Libra is an air sign, thus deserving of intellectual status. Juno, the goddess asteroid who upholds the qualities of marriage, is in the late degrees of Libra. She can help you be a comfort to many as a guide, or you might just decide it’s time to tie the knot!


Oct 24-Nov 22

♥♥♥ ¥¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Mars goes direct in Scorpio, which is a big relief! All those plans and hard work are about to flex their muscles. (You go deep, so when Mars is retrograde, it’s a time to rethink and step back, but slowing down can rankle.) At the same time, Venus is in compatible water sign Cancer. Mercury moves there on Thursday. Something you want to talk about? Gentle yet firm will get you there.


Nov 23-Dec 22

♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Hanging in there means taking time off, too. Even if it’s just a few minutes to enjoy the landscape of your mind, or a view from an interesting building. Being there for truth and justice, which is what Sagittarius is all about, means standing firm even when no one else can see what you see—yet. Mercury joins Venus and the Sun mid-week to make your point much clearer.


Dec 23-Jan 20

♥♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣

These are the times that drive women crazy—and men too! Intuition is off the charts, and it’s hard for anyone to say it doesn’t exist. Mercury moves to join the Sun and Venus in your relationship sector. While this may be a cozy, even luxurious transit, it does favor the feminine. You’ve been through enough already. Guy or girl, don’t you deserve a little pampering and gentle treatment?


Jan 21-Feb 19

♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

You love to skim along the surface, seeing reflections sparkle on a sunny day. As an air sign, you tend towards the philosophical, but you deserve a chance to take a break, too! Mars goes direct mid-week, making headway if you’re changing careers or building a new brand. Then Mercury trails into your solar sixth house of work, joining Venus and the Sun. Speak up and see results!


Feb 20-Mar 20

♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

The power players line up, setting the stage. Venus and the Sun are in your solar fifth house of romance. Mercury joins them on Thursday. You’re able to write, talk, and connect more easily. Mars moves direct too; this sexy god of stamina and focus has a positive influence if you have a leap to make. Energy levels rise to achieve the goals that were on hold.