Mar 20-Apr 19

♥♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

If you could just wave a magic wand, everything would be sorted and you could go out to play. Even though thoughts are things, it still takes time to persuade others. Don’t worry about verbal negotiations this week—you have more than enough alacrity to jump through any wit-shaping discourse that comes your way. It’s your tendency to want to travel just when the deep starts rolling in that you will want to watch.



Apr 20-May 19

♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣

Although Pallas Athene and Saturn will have you guessing as to what your partner is really thinking (and if you’re single, you may be hard to find just for this very reason), Mercury transits to your solar eighth house on Friday. In this position, you become a bit of a mind reader. They may pretend otherwise, but this week you can trust your instincts—in fact, you may have to, because you’ll be having fun just when you thought life had nothing new to offer.



May 20-Jun 20

♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

You can take a seat and watch the dappled light patterns around you. Single or not, your heart and mind are likely to be focused on partnership—Vesta, Venus, Ceres and the Sun have been highlighting this part of your life. On Friday, Mercury factors in, and what you don’t already know you can intuit or just plain think into fruition. Don’t be surprised if you win a confrontation before it starts.



Jun 21-Jul 21

♥♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

With Mars opposite your sign, you may be attracting more attention than you expected. Up till now, there may have been a bit of a learning curve with relationships and how you view them. Mars breaks through stereotyped perceptions and ways of interacting. But what do you really want to do with all your hard found knowledge? Do you want to act on it, or view it from afar? At the moment, work has center stage—but it won’t be long until you will be happily distracted.



Jul 22-Aug 21

♥♥ ¥¥¥¥ ♣♣

You may want to go back to where you were before, but retracing your steps isn’t always the quickest route. That’s because in the interim, you have experienced more and your desires are tempered with … well yes, wisdom. Having few ties gives you a high level of flexibility, but it also could encourage you to jump before you’re ready. With the advent of Mercury entering your house of romance on Friday, you may want to give love another chance.



Aug 22-Sep 21

♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣

At the moment, your stars’s advice is not so much what to do, as what not to do. Dark Moon Lilith is hovering at the beginning of your sign, just about to enter. Lilith has legendary powers and can manifest in a way so powerful that others may tremble, and that’s not what you want. (Or is it?) Your powers of perception are growing. The temptation to break the rules is a shortcut fix—rather, make new ones and enlist the help of your friends, or remodel your environment.



Sep 22-Oct 22

♥♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

Words are likely to come trippingly off your tongue. Vesta, Venus, Ceres, the Sun (and on Friday, Mercury) break loose in your solar third house of communication—your views are visionary at the moment. You need freedom; to the moon and back may not seem enough. Stretch yourself to your safest limits and live for now—don’t worry about your future to the exclusion of trying something new. Kicking up your heels gets you where you want to go.



Oct 23-Nov 21

♥♥ ¥¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Be up for the unexpected: What seems dull and dreary may be more cuddly, cozy and reliable. Stock up on warm soups and hot breads to keep your palate interested. Not all that is flash will last, and right now you may want to conserve your energy for what keeps your soul well nourished. Money could fly through your fingers as you feel unusually enthusiastic about your future. Don’t be surprised if you receive several excellent offers this week.



Nov 22-Dec 20

♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

Do you want to move forward, or do you want to stay where you are? This is a big question for Sagittarians right now. Of course, you can move forward metaphorically and stay where you are geographically—but there’s a metamorphosis going on for you and it has to do with what you recently discovered about yourself. Uranus in trine aspect to your Sun has brought you a high degree of freedom which you may not have known you would like quite as much as you do. Mercury enters your sign on Friday to help you talk about it in a logical manner.



Dec 21-Jan 19

♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣

Capricorns are great friends and excellent builders of what needs to be done. What you have started will pan out, although it may take a different form, or be in another place altogether. Mars in the last degrees of your sign gives you the energy you need to keep going. Vesta hovers in your solar twelfth house, whispering that your dreams are just on the horizon—which is absolutely, adamantly true. You don’t have to believe it; you’ll be living it soon.



Jan 20-Feb 17

♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

You may wish for intellectual freedom to match meteoric emotions and sensual starbursts. Getting them in alignment is rare but doable. Right now the Sun, Ceres, Vesta and Venus are in your sector of friends and group associations. On Friday, Mercury joins the party. You can have it all, but it might be exhausting—if you can, choose a few treasures of interest and allow yourself to thoroughly luxuriate rather than wearing yourself threadbare.



Feb 18-Mar 19

♥♥ ¥¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

You can have just as much fun doing something new as you are having right now. The only question is the expenditure of energy—time, money—to get there. Mercury segues into a square aspect with your sign on Friday. Observing during this planetary alignment with Vesta, Venus, Ceres and the Sun will allow you to make your wisest choices yet. If you are feeling hesitation, there’s no need to manually override it. Better to look at it closely, with compassion.