A shy, agonizingly naive girl in a small American town (Ksenia Solo) whose mother (Maria Bello) has fallen ill becomes enamored of the delightfully absurd movies of Federico Fellini and decides to leave her considerable comfort zone for Italy to meet the man personally (presumably it’s sometime in the 70s).

This love note to the iconic director, in addition to being a fine travelogue, is punctuated with scenes reminiscent of Il Maestro’s work, and includes clips (La Strada, La Dolce Vita, Fellini Satyricon) and the occasional poster to prevent non-Felliniphiles from feeling left out.

This is not a polished film, but its amateurishness works in its favor, and it’s worth a look. Odd note: One of the screenwriters is Nancy Cartwright, the voice of TV’s Bart Simpson. (93 min)