Kooriya Peace

Kooriya Peace

The Tokyo kakigori shop that shifts with the seasons



There is perhaps no cozier or more carefree spot to grab a bowl of shaved ice in all of Tokyo than Kooriya Peace. The shop, consisting of little more than eight-seat countertop, could easily be mistaken for an omakase sushi bar. Peace’s ambience, however, thrums along without a whiff of pretense. The kakigori craftsmen behind the bar dance along to J-pop tracks and make light conversation with customers as they slowly concoct the shop’s signature globe-shaped desserts. Peace’s shaved ice offerings always shift with the seasons: bunny-shaped dragon fruit for Easter, musk melon at the height of summer, matcha Christmas trees during the holidays. Kooriya Peace, despite its overwhelming popularity, is consistently original, approachable, and most importantly, fun.

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2-10-9 Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku
4 min. walk from Kanda Station
Instagram @lovely.peace