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Since its birth in 2018, Tokyo Love Hotels has showcased over 300 local and international artists, pop ups, and performance acts. In collaboration with Metropolis, Tokyo Love Hotels cherry-picks 3 talents each month to be featured as LOVEHO SELECTS, showcasing artists and small businesses to readers and culture enthusiasts alike.

“Tokyo Love Hotels is an art-event organization based in Tokyo, Japan, that gathers local and international talents of all ranges to share a night of art, music, experiences, and love with the community. They support artists by providing space for them to perform, promote, network, sell, and exhibit their work; free of charge and commission.”

Artist: Elena Egorova [LENALYOLIK]

LoveHo says:
LENALYOLIK is one of the few artists that have been part of Tokyo Love Hotels since the beginning. From being one of our first exhibitors to venturing out into DJing, nail art popups, and photo booths, she is not only a multifaceted creative, but a well known face in our community. As a free-spirited roamer of Tokyo, you may find her photography work in various magazines and publications both off- and on-line. LENALYOLIK is an individual that truly understands the concept and love behind Tokyo Love Hotels, and we love her for it.

If you want to know more about this mysterious gal, we suggest you listen to her full story on our Tokyo Love Hotels Podcast!

“Episode 010 – “Kissing Booth” with lenalyolik”

Elena Egorova hails from the complex times of the ’90s, the Far East of Russia, Khabarovsk city. Multitalented and curious, with an eccentric and humble personality, she moved to Japan as a child and found her new home. In future started working in the photography business as a professional photographer in 2016 – her primary artistic expression, besides design, mixed media, and crafts. With an innovator’s mind and a keen eye for details, she has a clear vision, which also allows her to direct projects.

Before that, Elena had to find extensive knowledge, eagerness, and feeling in multiple sectors of fashion, music, and photography due to her experience working in the modeling business as a part-time model and model agent while assisting Japan’s top still photographer for a few years in Tokyo. Later she gets into capturing the spirit of underground adventures in Tokyo’s pop and hip-hop scenes of Japanese and foreign artists, where found her passion.

She translates her vision, moods, and feelings through different photography styles, projects, and experiments in Japanese fashion and music photography scenes pushing to connect Japan with the rest of the world. Her photography is colourful and contrasty, reflecting her world’s ever-changing moods, feelings, and moments, celebrating one lifetime of individuality, a human being, its wild and passionate nature and beauty, and unity in today’s world.

Elena’s got featured bringing her vision of photography mixed with design works into music covers, directing music videos, photography works that appeared in Vogue and The Fader, and contributions with SNKR DUNK, Drop Tokyo, and WGSN right from Japan.

Message from Elena Egorova [LENALYOLIK]:
“I want to recall and say thanks to my friends and organizers, Robin and Kalin, whom I met in 2017, for allowing me to exhibit my photo series by the same title, “Love Hotels”, in the rising event for Tokyo Love Hotels Vol.2 in 2018 and further for inclusion of another series, “Don’t Be Scared” featuring upcoming model Alas which was shot primarily for the eponymous Vol.3 of TLH. It was a meaningful and supportive segment for me to do every time.

Looking towards the future, I plan to release my long-awaited photobooks and embark on solo exhibitions to familiarize a broader audience with the art I’ve poured my heart and soul into over the past years.

I encourage each and every one of you to stay true to yourself. Do what you gotta do, guided by your higher self, and let your creative spirit soar. May we all find peace, harmony, and fulfillment”

Official Website:


PS. Elena Egorova [LENALYOLIK] will be exhibiting at Tokyo Love Hotels upcoming re-launch on July 29th.

Brand:  Goda Clothing

LoveHo says:
Goda Clothing has been a consistent powerhouse of handmade, cute clothes for anyone that enjoys self-expression. The unique craft that goes behind each garment represents the designer’s “outside the box” thinking, and satisfaction for those who are lucky enough to come across this unique brand. Goda Clothing has done several popup shops at Tokyo Love Hotels, and they never fail to impress. For those who enjoy streetwear, we recommend you check out Goda Clothing ♡

Goda Clothing is handmade clothing since 2018. Goda is a unique brand that’s inspired by the vibrant city of Tokyo where fashion is a language of self-expression. From 2018 the captivating journey of the brand draws inspiration from the dynamic Tokyo “gyaru” style infusing it with a contemporary twist. Goda focuses on transforming old garments and turning them into wearable works of art. Inspired by familial roots and driven by a passion for individuality. Made to order and made with LOVE.

Message from Goda Clothing:
“Goda strives to create an atmosphere of self-assurance where each wearer can confidently express their individuality.”

Official Website:


Artist: malik (lyrical school)

LoveHo says:
malik has on several occasions exhibited his artwork at Tokyo Love Hotels. We love his manipulation of colour and cartoon-esque characters that at first glance seem buoyant and cheerful. As you spend time with his pieces, underlying layers reveal an in-depth glimpse into his emotional world of complexity and pondering. 

He is a multi-talented artist who now is a member of the Japanese hip-hop group “lyrical school”. We are sure to see more of malik in the future, and have no doubt he’ll succeed in all of his endeavors.

Raised in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture and currently based in Tokyo. Born to an African American father and Japanese mother, his style of art was built on both parents’ cultures, particularly animation and cartoons. Also influenced by the local street culture, he has been active in exhibiting his works in the club scene, live-painting, and creating artwork for musicians. Since February of this year, malik has become a member of the hip-hop group “lyrical school”.

He suffers from a vague sense of anxiety that springs up from melancholic experiences in life. The random “thoughts” that arise in our heads are difficult to put into words, but he wishes to portray these complex emotions in a beautiful and gentle way. His works contain these personal feelings.

Message from malik (lyrical school):
“I think the important thing is that you know yourself well. Do what you love to do for making yourself happy, and find peace in your heart. I believe that life can be that simple.”