Does this happen to you too? You’re out in Tokyo and craving a good coffee, or you need an impressively local spot to show off to your friend, or maybe you need an artsy nook to hunker down in and work. Despite your best efforts, you inevitably end up at the nearest Starbucks or Doutour because you don’t know the hotspots frequented by all the in-the-know caffeine-appreciating locals. Our editors and readers needed a solution. It has taken us weeks, but we’ve sworn never to be tempted by a green siren’s mochikaeri tall-size latte again.

Here, we’ve compiled our ultimate guide to the best coffee shops in each of Tokyo’s 23 wards. We’re talking the best independent blends, the most aesthetic interior, the coziest seating, the calmest, most remote-work-friendly hideouts.

We’ve also made a handy Google Map version, so you can navigate to your closest coffee connoisseur from your phone. 



Engawa Cafe

Engawa Cafe has its own original blend hand-drip coffee. The gorgeous traditional Japanese architecture and pottery are the hallmarks of this spot. Soak up some Zen and vitamin D in the immaculate garden or in the tatami room. 



Coffee Battery

Coffee Battery is a small cafe with a long list of regulars thanks to its drip coffee from various beans and famous paninis. It sits along a traditional street, so the walk to the cafe feels like an excursion through Japan’s history. The interior has a very artsy, modern feel that is as refreshing as its coffee. 



CIBI Tokyo Store

Japanese design meets the chill of Melbourne’s cafe culture at this spacious cafe and concept store. CIBI uses organic, fresh, local ingredients to craft its breakfast and lunch options and they keep things interesting by updating its lunch menu every month. In addition to their imported tea and coffee, they offer Australian imported beers which are near-impossible to find anywhere else in Japan. Indoor and outdoor seating available.



Cafe Miel

Best described as an antique shop-meets-cafe with a splash of British high tea vibes, Cafe Miel serves its coffee in exquisite cups that make you feel like you’re hanging out with the Queen. The ambiance is one of its biggest features, along with top picks like the Vienna coffee. Check out Metropolis’s linked article for more information.



Coffee RIN

Coffee RIN’s main shop in Ginza takes drip coffee to a very personal level. Its coffee blends are charcoal-roasted in-house, and served in a cup unique to you — you’ll spot that no two cups on the eclectic shelving behind the counter are the same design. RIN also serves homemade cakes. Serious and solo coffee drinkers should hang by the counter seats to soak up the atmosphere, while couples can opt for the cute table seats. 

Turret Coffee

Turret Coffee is self-proclaimed as “the most outrageous coffee shop in Japan.” Its swirling, funky latte art definitely shows its special take on serving coffee. There is minimal seating, so Turret is perfect for a quick stop or a weird drink to-go. Anyone with a sweet tooth will love their salted caramel latte or their mocha. Check out Metropolis’ article for more. 



Deakin St Coffee Stand

Deakin St. Coffee is the ideal location for grabbing a coffee to-go or hitting the terrace seating nearby. With a cozy interior, it boasts the Deakin-famous “Babycino” for those who aren’t quite ready for coffee – kid and dog friendly.

Point Two ​五分一珈琲

This minimalist cafe specializes in desserts just as much as its coffee. Get your latte fix topped with cute art and a purin with a cherry on top. Point Two (or Gobuichi Coffee) is a rare find in Edogawa, where aesthetic cafe spots are few and far between. Its clean-cut decor and popular menu items like its colorful floats make it a standout in the local scene. 




This Itabashi hotspot has more space than the name suggests, making it a great place for groups. A favorite among local patrons are the chunky, crunchy toast options and creative seasonal specials. 




Specializing in vegan options, you have to check out the “smoothie bagels” if you go here. Vegan ice cream in flavors like matcha and black sesame pair well with the organic coffee, and we were surprised to even find a coconut iced latte on the menu. A way out in Katsushika, this is a standout spot in the local scene. 



Hyaqtoh Coffee

Though we don’t really know how to pronounce it, Hyaqtoh Coffee shop in Shimofuri has exceptional coffee. The spot specializes in different blends and its staff each has an expert understanding of beans. Unconventional options like rum latte, mead latte and espresso tonic shine on its menu. If you’re looking for a sophisticated coffee experience, Hyaqtoh is the place.

Beyond Z Coffee

Design is central at Beyond Z, second only to serving a warming coffee. The hotspot has a range of caffeine options from classic to sweet on its menu, along with a selection of paninis. Sip an iced coffee on the patio in summer, or take a moment to reset inside thanks to the bright, open-air concept. 



Iki Espresso

Australian roots and a killer brunch menu make this cafe and bakery a staple for coffee lovers in Koto-ku. Fluffy pancakes, French toast and eggs benedict are some of the most popular hits. Its two floors provide ample seating, and the ground floor windows open out into the street to create semi-outdoor seating. 

Koffee Mayema Kakeru

Serious coffee connoisseurs will appreciate the finesse of Koffee Mameya. This is not your average coffee shop; you can expect a more upscale, intimate drinking experience at the counter seating as you are attended to by staff in lab coats. The coffee concoctions at Mameya are more about gastronomy than they are about caffeination.


PINT Nordic Table

PINT Nordic table boats a creative open-faced sandwich menu. Who doesn’t crave the occasional avocado toast with a bit of smoked salmon on top? The staff are also coffee experts, serving up to eight different types of beans at a time— and you’re allowed to taste each one before you buy. Randomly with a golf studio in the basement, PINT is a quirky one to check out. 

GRATBROWN Roast and Bake

As the name suggests, the minds behind GRATBROWN have perfected the art of roasting high-quality beans and baking excellent desserts. The small space can get crowded, so head here outside of peak hours to really make the most of the curated blends roasted in-house.

Cafe Haru and Haru

This cafe is so loved for its unusually extensive French toast menu that it hosts lines out the door on weekends. It’s just a few steps away from Midorigaoka Station and as the cafe is family-owned, you get a real warm welcome every time. 



Little Darling Coffee Roasters

A wide, open-plan interior leads out into a modern park complete with deckchairs and seats under shady vineyard-esque canopies. Airy, green and equally family as it is hipster-friendly, come here not just for the coffee but for the host of other independent shops in this urban oasis. 




Nakano is known as more otaku than oshare, but Lou is an awesome exception. It feels totally out-of-place to be quite this stylish on a street of pachinko and izakaya, but we love that there’s finally a space in Nakano for us coffee lovers. The shop is organic and plastic-free, with vinyl records and a stream of customers throughout the day. 

F.F.O Flowers and Coffee

Half florists, half coffee shop, sometimes the two concepts of this spot blend into one with floral-enhanced coffee flavors like “hundred flowers honey.” You’ll feel either like a garden fairy nestled amongst flowers at the cozy seating, or a hay-fever disaster waiting to happen at this spot. 



Cafe Eight

Not to be confused with the restaurant Chinese Cafe Eight, this Nerima hideout is quite a spacious place to sit and work, with lots of seating and available wifi and outlets. Pancakes are a big hit on their menu, complemented by their variety of coffee drinks. The signature “Nerimaru” fare features an adorable deer atop your pancakes or latte.



Perch Coffee

There’s nothing more satisfying than silky smooth wooden tables with the perfect cup of coffee sitting aesthetically on top. Chunky fruit or savory sandwiches complement the coffee at this local spot. There’s also amazing brown bread versions on offer — a rarity for Tokyo. 



Stone River Coffee

Take three steps in any direction in Shimokitazawa and you’ll walk into a stylish coffee shop, but the newly-opened Stone River Coffee is one of our latest favorites. Bringing a community aspect to coffee roasting to the city with its “share roast” concept, people come here to roast their own beans from home in the shop’s roasting machine. There’s a selection of their own roasts too, along with some of the dinkiest puddings you’ll ever see. 

Sidewalk Coffee Roasters-Shimokitazawa

We love Sidewalk for remote working. With wifi and power outlets, plus a surprisingly wide terrace area, you can spend an afternoon snacking on bagels and binging on oat milk lattes. 

Happy End Beans Coffee Stand

This hip coffee stand in Setagaya is full of bright colors and flavors. They have a small counter for anyone who wants to have a sandwich or hot dog, and offer coffees to-go. Check out their cool collection of retro tchotchkes while you savor a pourover coffee from Happy End’s very own beans.


Feel like you’re sitting inside your Pinterest feed amongst the plants and vinyls at this Denenchofu cafe. The affogato comes with creamy vanilla bean ice cream, and they offer a pot service for hardcore coffee fans. The cafe doubles as a plant and record store so beware you might be tempted to take something home. 

City Coffee – Setagaya

This cafe delivers both a clean and retro vibe, serving up hot sandwiches and ice cream along with on-point coffee. The staff have a sense of humor—you might receive a comical mug with your hot drink of choice. It’s child friendly for those with small kids, and popular with the locals. 



Nem Coffee & Espresso

A family-owned cafe, Nem Coffee prioritizes ethically conscious consumption and worldliness. Its French press coffee is top notch, and the interior is fashionable and full of memories from its customers. 

Shelter KUKO Cafe & Gallery

A combination of a cafe and an art gallery, immerse in culture and flavor at KUKO. Every time we’ve been here it hasn’t been too busy — seating is ample and light floods in from the full-length windows. There’s free wifi, a jungle of plants and comfy sofa seats for you to spend an afternoon with yourself or friends. We must say, the food menu is not exceptional, but the atmosphere and airy calm is what we go for.  

SNS Café Tokyo

This cafe is an extension of the shop Sneakersnstuff, serving up sandwiches, coffee and falafel in the heart of Daikanyama. There is naturally a street and skater vibe, but the staff welcome all who are looking for a place to hang out, inside or out on the terrace. Wifi and outlets are available for those ready to recharge and you can make an afternoon of it by wandering around the local shops nearby. 

Kopikalyan Tokyo

Indonesian coffee is the focus of this Jakarta-born coffee shop, serving authentic Indonesian-style drinks and beans. Be sure to also try their Roti Kalyan, a delicious take on a classic Indonesian bread and other Indonesians treats and snacks. It’s a great place to hang out with friends or do work, with wifi and outlets available. Check out our full review here

Paddlers Coffee

A rustic-industrial vibe harmonizes with artisan coffee, vinyl records, wooden accents, and cool pottery. Located in the trendier outskirts of the Yoyogi area, Paddlers attracts local artists and stylish coffee lovers throughout the week — especially on weekends.   



KAIDO books&coffee

Struggling to find that perfect place to enjoy bespoke sausage rolls as well as a good art book? No? Well this place is good for you to check out regardless. Sink into one of the hammocks with a hot cup of coffee and a nice read, surrounded by library shelves and other aesthetic-searching book nerds. 



Verve Coffee

Verve knows how to do coffee right, whether it be a traditional pour-over or a fruity cold brew concoction. Coffee lovers can get a flight of blends to sample all that this coffee shop has to offer. The sleek, tiled outfitting of Verve gives a cool impression to complement their expertise. The staff are also incredibly friendly—you’ll feel right at home immediately. 




An extension of Tysons, this cafe offers a refreshing balance of nice ambience, strong coffee and quality eats. Ample indoor and terrace seating impressed us, but it was the free refills that really stole our coffee-loving hearts. The sourdough bread from the in-house bakery is to die for, and the wood-baked pizza is a great meal option. 

Porta Coffee Stand

Perfect for take-out or a quick sit-down stop, this shotengai coffee stand has a rotating selection of beans that will keep you coming back for more. Its exterior is as refreshing as its coffee— you wouldn’t expect something so modern in such a retro spot — and the selection of sweet treats adds to the impressive repertoire.



Unlimited Coffee Bar

This specialty coffee shop prides itself on training its baristas’ to high standards, and they’re often off at various competitions internationally. They’ll happily chat with you about the menu’s blends, flavor profiles and origins, and likely tempt you with one of their coffee cocktails. Its cool 70s-inspired decor minus the bellbottoms sets off a relaxed atmosphere whether you head there during the day or in the evening. 




En packs a lot into its space—all four floors of it. The ground floor hosts the coffee shop, while guests chat in the sofa seating upstairs or relax in the sun on the rooftop garden. There’s even a marketplace selling artisan furniture and goods but, despite its ecclectiness, En always has a serene atmosphere as it sits near the Sumida river between Umaya Bridge and Kuramae Bridge.



Mia Mia

Mia Mia is a super friendly, community-feel coffee shop where you’re bound to feel at home. The owners are from Japan and Australia, so the cafe’s vibe matches the international backgrounds. We recommend trying their sourdough and pastries. With free wifi, enjoy sitting in their cozy cafe or outside for remote work.



Light Up Coffee

You can expect expert care and an immaculate selection of coffee beans. Quality is a top priority. This is the ultimate spot for coffee geeks in Kichijoji. Get the full taste of all of Light Up’s  blends with the coffee tasting set, or try the rum latte for something a little special. It’s mostly indoor seating available, but many people tend to perch on the steps outside to watch passersby on the street.

Northlink Cafe

While distant from the metropolitan center of Tokyo, Northlink Cafe is popular with those looking to study and work as it boasts ample space fitted with wifi and outlets. It is also located near the Tachikawa Green Springs complex, IKEA and Showa Kinen Koen—definitely worth the trip! You can easily spend a day exploring the best of Tachikawa here.