Praised as the ultimate solution for permanent hair removal, MDSA Azabu is a specialized haven for hair removal—specifically with the needle hair removal method. Bid adieu to all your hair removal concerns – be it beard, eyebrows, ear hair, VIO, legs, or any other area on your body. Unlike laser hair removal clinics, MDSA Azabu’s services cater to individuals of all skin tones, hair colors and types. Laser hair removal is not always effective or safe if the hair is white, red, light brown, blonde, or if your skin tone isn’t compatible with the laser technology. However, needle hair removal has got you covered and MDSA Azabu has been proudly serving a diverse clientele of international visitors since 2010. With international staff available on weekends and Japanese team members fluent in English during weekdays, the salon is fully equipped to address your needs. 

Needle hair removal trial 10 min. face/VIO ¥4,500 body ¥3,500
1 hour ¥19,800
Ishihara Bldg. 2F, 3-7-1 Azabujuban, Minato-ku
10am – 11pm