Metropolis Getsumatsu Party: The Public Stand

Metropolis Getsumatsu Party: The Public Stand

Party all night at new and stylish The Public Stand bar in Yokohama for ¥500


To celebrate the beginning of autumn and the opening of stylish new bar The Public Stand near Yokohama Station, Metropolis would like to invite all readers, friends and clients to our legendary Getsumatsu Party.

The Public Stand has an array of bars across Japan and the newest addition to the group’s stable promises to be a real reason to celebrate. We are delighted to announce that our Getsumatsu Party has an unbelievable deal on offer: ¥500 for unlimited drinks all night (with a few exceptions). Drink and chat the night away for only one coin!

Don’t miss out on this incredibly special offer and join the Metropolis crew for an unforgettable night at Yokohama’s newest bar.

Metropolis guests must mention “Metropolis” at the reception area to be eligible for the ¥500 deal. Otherwise, customers will be charged the regular price (tax not included): men ¥3,500 and women ¥1,000.

Friday, September 27 2019
7pm – 5am

The Public Stand (Yokohama West Exit)
Wing Minamisaiwai 1F
2-9 Minamisaiwai, Yokohama Nishi-ku, Kanagawa 

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2019年9月27日:Getsumatsu Party

横浜駅最寄りのバー「The Public Stand」のオープンを記念して読者の皆様をGetsumatsu Partyへご招待します。

今回のGetsumatsu Partyでは飲み放題を500円でご提供します(一部別料金のものもあり)。




会場:The Public Stand (横浜駅西口)

住所:横浜市西区南幸2-9 ウイング南幸1F