Metropolis Summer Issue 2020 Out Now

Metropolis Summer Issue 2020 Out Now

Where to find a copy, how to read us online and our augmented reality feature


Our Metropolis Summer Issue is out now! We explore how living amid the global COVID-19 pandemic has affected Japan’s artists, musicians and residents in recent months; we take a look into the resurgence of literary master Yukio Mishima; feature a photo essay on women’s experiences in Tokyo and much, much more. Plus, this issue is embedded with augmented reality (AR) throughout its pages, bringing our stories and news about Japan and the capital to life. Check it all out below! 

Wondering where to pick up a copy of Metropolis

Here’s our full list (they go fast, so hurry!) 

Some of our favorite spots are:

Rather #stayathome? Read it online!

Prefer to avoid the Tokyo crowds? We understand it’s still not ideal to be out and about right now. You can read our Summer Issue for free here (or click on the preview below) and all of our previous issues online at our Past Issues page. 

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What’s the Metropolis Augmented Reality App?

What is augmented reality (AR) and why is it in a magazine you say? Unlike virtual reality (VR), which immerses you entirely in a new world or scene — usually with a headset — AR uses your mobile’s camera to add digital elements to a live view like an extra, digital layer to your physical world. 

In the Metropolis Summer Issue, our Metropolis AR app lifts the pages to a whole new level.  Hold your phone over our stories and watch as they jump to life, taking you deeper into the worlds of the wonderful people and places we feature. In a time where public venues, places and restaurants have had to close, the AR lets you explore an art gallery, watch a live band, visit a cafe and more. 

The app is available on both iOS and Android. Plus, even if you don’t have a physical copy, you can still use the AR experience on your desktop. 



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