The Minato Information Board has been offering English-speaking residents of Minato-ku support for a long time, always staying on the cutting edge of technology to guarantee the best and most convenient experience for those who need assistance. This was previously brought to residents and visitors of the city in the form of e-mail. Now, in an effort to be as efficient and accessible as ever, Minato City has created a Facebook page, the “Minato Information Board.” Even more impressively, the city has created an AI chat service directly reached from its Facebook page.

The AI chat service is incredibly easy to use: just click the “send message” icon on Minato Information Board and ask your question! Drawing from a database of frequently asked questions (FAQ), the AI is able to answer questions that deal with the following topics: disaster preparedness, waste disposal rules, public schools, childrearing, international/cultural events, medical institutions, pension/insurance/tax, tourism and neighborhood associations.

There’s really nothing it won’t help you with. Additionally, the more frequently you ask questions, the more the AI will learn and be prepared for someone else to ask those questions. Help yourself out while also helping dozens of others who need support!

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