Can You Keep a Secret?

Romcom retread

A neurotic young woman on an airliner encountering turbulence is convinced they are going to crash and spills all her most personal secrets to the hunky stranger sitting next to her. Later, after the plane lands safely, she is chagrined to find that – Oh. My. Gawd! – the aforementioned hunk is the CEO of the company she just joined.  

Now, I realize that fans of romantic comedies are perfectly happy with the genre’s tried and true formula: meet cute, fall in love, deal with some manufactured conflict and then live sappily ever after. They’re not looking for originality. But geez Louise, this lazy adaptation by reality show director Elise Duran of a reputedly best selling novel by Sophie Kinsella doesn’t even try

Alexandria Doddario plays the gormless female lead without charm or subtlety. But hers is Oscar-level work compared to her fashionably bestubbled costar Tyler Hoechlin, who brings to the role all the depth of a contestant rejected by The Bachelorette for being too vacuous.  If you went wading in the plot, you wouldn’t get your toenails wet.

It’s the kind of movie you keep watching just to see if it can get any worse. Spoiler: It does. (94 min)

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