Tasteless, deeply creepy hairball

Hate to be a sourpuss, but this is the most awful film I’ve seen in a decade.

The answer to the obvious question “What were they thinking?” is that they were thinking using famous actors and pop stars in several of the roles would pack ‘em in at the cinema. 

Thus we have James Cordon and Rebel Wilson as (too easy) fat cats, slumming veteran actors Judi Dench and Ian McKellen as some sort of cat royalty, Idris Elba as a bad kitty, and in the most underwhelming performance of her career, pop diva Taylor Swift caterwauling a song she wrote just for this. All of these performers are reportedly looking for new agents. 

This feline financial flop has no plot beyond introducing each character and having him, her or it dance around and sing for a while. And the fact that all these characters have little clothing and no apparent sex organs is subliminally disturbing. 

Pros: Royal Ballet Principal Ballerina Francesca Hayward in a central-ish role, and Jennifer Hudson’s moving rendition of “Memory,” though as it comes at the end, I advise looking for it on YouTube. Cons: Everything else. A trending fad now is to see this stoned. Waste of good drugs.

January 24 (110 min)