Dumb Money

Financial David vs. Goliath

Remember back in July of 2020 when the business news was all about how GameStop, a nondescript, failing chain of video game stores, was becoming overnight the hottest investment property on the Street? Predatory hedge funds hoping to make billions joined the frenzy without doing their homework.

But it was all a kind of accidental, hop-on-the-bandwagon house of cards, fueled by online forums and amateur speculation. The incident spotlighted some of the many flaws in the US financial system and resulted in the now far poorer hedges being reined in a bit, and that can’t be a bad thing.

Though I can’t pretend to understand the financial finagling that upended the markets, this engaging and energetic little film helps. It’s also quite amusing.

A terrific Paul Dano heads up an excellent cast that includes America Ferrara, Nick Offerman, Vincent D’Onofrio and Seth Rogen. Also appearing is Pete Davidson, a celebrity whose exact talent I am still working to detect. Smart, to the point, and well-written, this is well worth a look.
(105 min)

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