Gloria Bell

Celebrating Julianne

A 50-something woman (Julianne Moore) hangs out in L.A. Dance clubs, attends her daughter’s yoga classes, interacts awkwardly with her ex-husband’s new family, sings along to corny 70s tunes on her car stereo, and, well, just does her free-spirited thing.

Aside from an initially promising fling with a recently divorced man (John Turturro, never better), this English-language remake by Chilean director Sebastian Leilo of his own 2013 Gloria has no real plot to speak of.

The good news is that few actors working today can pull off a realistic and relatable feature-length character study like Moore, and once you get it that there will be little storytelling, it’s a pleasure to just sit back and watch her totally lived-in performance. Also Brad Garrett, Holland Taylor and Rita Wilson. (102 min)