The Mint Ginza 

The Mint Ginza 

Explore The Mint Ginza: a rooftop oasis with dining, music and greenery


In the heart of one of Tokyo’s most glamorous, high-end, and fashionable shopping districts, you’ll find The Mint Ginza, a recently unveiled gem on the 11th floor of Tokyu Plaza Ginza, one of Japan’s largest rooftop spaces.

The Mint Ginza draws inspiration from the concept of “mint condition,” striving for a clean, modern and high-quality aesthetic and ambiance. Covering approximately 900square meters, it is home to both The Lounge and The Garden. The Lounge exudes luxury, resembling a resort with abundant tiles and white elements, presenting a clean and elegant rooftop experience. On the other hand, The Garden is a lush oasis surrounded by greenery, where an all-day cafe awaits, providing a casual and enjoyable environment for friends and family. As evening sets in, the DJs take over the booth transforming the space into lively atmosphere. The music selection is curated by the same team responsible for the popular Rainbow Disco Club electronic music festival, ensuring that it perfectly complements the outdoor atmosphere and sets the stage for a casual outdoor music experience.

The culinary offerings at The Mint Ginza span the globe, featuring an array of delectable dishes such as tacos, burritos, curries, burgers, rice dishes, pasta and much more. Vegan and vegetarian options are also available, catering to diverse palates. With an array of incredible drinks available at both The Lounge and The Garden, including original mixology cocktails , there’s something for everyone to savor.

Towards the south end of the rooftop, a mixology bar serves signature mint-inspired drinks like mint juleps and mojitos in a more refined, upscale lounge area encompassing the rooftop’s decorative pool. 

This rooftop space seamlessly blends a laid-back, casual atmosphere with a touch of upscale elegance, offering a perfect balance between relaxation and high-end luxury in the heart of Ginza. The Mint Ginza warmly invites you to join them after a day of shopping, providing a haven to sit down, relax, savor a delectable meal, enjoy some music and take in the sights of Tokyo.