Godzilla vs. Kong

Mecha mayhem booming bigly

Now, if you’re as clever as I am at reading the subtleties of movie titles, you may intuit that this could be about an epic battle between two of moviedom’s most fearsome (yet misunderstood) creatures. 

Well, you’d be right! And if the reason you go to the movies is to watch two hours of superb computer renditions of a monkey and a lizard punching each other, you will not be disappointed. Hell, you’ll want to own this one. 

Oh, there are human actors in it, too, mostly overqualified, and maybe a plot, probably mindless, but since I saw this several months ago before its release was delayed by COVID, I don’t remember any of that. Okay, in truth, I’d forgotten it before the end credits finished rolling.

Okay, all that snark aside, this one gets points for being precisely the movie the filmmakers wanted it to be, and it may be the perfect bit of mindless entertainment your lizard brain needs for your first return in a while to the big screen. But leave the rest of your brain at home. (113 min)