FONDA MEXICANA New York Opens in Ginza

FONDA MEXICANA New York Opens in Ginza

Bringing Authentic Mexican Flavors and New York Sophistication to Tokyo's Dining Scene


On June 14, 2024, Tokyo welcomed the first Japanese branch of FONDA MEXICANA New York at Ginza’s Granbell Square. A fine dining restaurant renowned for its modern Mexican cuisine, the establishment is a long cherished gem of in-the-know sophisticated New Yorkers. The trendy Ginza location marks its first expansion into Japan, promising the same level of excellence as its American counterparts. Led by the award-winning chef and culinary director, Roberto Santibañez, the restaurant spices up the New-York dining experience with an authentic taste of Mexico.

Meet the chef

Chef Santibañez is from Mexico City and is a graduate of the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. His distinguished career includes opening three restaurants in Mexico City, serving as the culinary director at “Fonda San Miguel” in Austin, Texas and at “Rosa Mexicano.” His modern yet tradition-respecting approach to Mexican cuisine has made him a beloved figure in the culinary world, appearing on shows like “Good Morning America,” and expanding locations to Washington D.C. with “Mi Vida,” and to Nashville with FONDA.

Exclusive menu

FONDA MEXICANA New York in Tokyo offers course options as well as a la carte. The former is designed to offer guests a chance to try several different dishes. The Introduction course includes traditional Mexican dishes like Guacamole Chicharrón, Tuna Tostada and Mixote Grilled Chicken. The FONDA Medley course features a more diverse selection, including Mexican Crab Cake and US Skirt Steak Sizzling Fajitas. For a more comprehensive course, the Especial course includes Spicy Grilled Jumbo Shrimp and Miyazaki Beef Steak, showcasing the best of FONDA’s menu. 

The lunch menu includes lighter options such as the Three-Taco set, Birria Burrito set and regular specials. The Gusto lunch course and Primera course include a main dish choice of Mixote Grilled Chicken or Sizzling Fajitas along with Guacamole Chicharrón, a green salad, and a seasonal soup. These courses provide a perfect introduction to the flavors of FONDA MEXICANA New York.

NYC-Inspired interior design

The restaurant’s interior, designed by Junpei Yamagiwa, has worked on iconic establishments such as “Peter Luger Steak House” and “Lawry’s The Prime Rib” in Ebisu. Yamagiwa visited the original FONDA locations in New York to capture its essence and collaborated closely with Chef Santibañez to ensure the design reflects the authentic spirit of FONDA. The result is a space that encompasses sleek, stylish New York vibes. Made warm and inviting not only through the food but also through accessories such as the rosy cushion decor, FONDA MEXICANA is a must-visit for Tokyo’s finest diners. 

Check out FONDA MEXICANA’s official website for more information.
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