Mad God

Primordial horrors of a fertile mind

An armored humanoid on a mysterious mission descends ever deeper into a rusty, post-apocalyptic world, a labyrinth of monstrosities, grime, blood, suffering and unspeakable violence.

Stop-motion animation master/pioneer Phil Tippett, whose credits include two Oscars and a pair of Emmys, has served as ILM’s go-to stop-motion guy, having a hand in the Star Wars Cantina scene among many other SW creations, as well as Jurassic Park and more.

This corrosively cynical dystopian nightmare is apparently what Tippett has been thinking about over the last 30 years in the deepest, darkest recesses of his hugely creative mind. At the same time wondrous and nauseating, it’s not so much a story as an unrelenting diary of a journey through an ecosystem you’ve never seen, or imagined, before. This is not for mainstream audiences. Hard to watch but impossible to look away. Or forget.

Streaming on Amazon Prime now. (83 min)

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