Mission Impossible: Fallout


While I’ve never been a fan of Tom Cruise, I have to admit that his recent Mission Impossible movies constitute arguably the best action franchise currently breathing. I had a great time watching 2015’s Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Let’s face it, no one needs a review of a critic-proof flick like this. This, however, has not stopped me before.

When the action’s afoot, there is no better summertime popcorn fare out there. To call the car/bike chases “choreographed” would be an understatement. These syncopated, multi-camera set pieces come close to art, at least in an action-movie sense.

It’s when the writers, admirably, try to flesh out the characters that you realize this is a two-and-a-half-hour movie, and a lot of it is going to be Cruise emoting, and soon you’re anxious to get to the next crippled aircraft, hopelessly outnumbered gun battle, digital bomb countdown, or sneering villain. Even one of those mask thingies. Talky is something an action movie needn’t be.

Highly competent filmmaking, amusing cast, blisteringly complex action bits. But the IMF is coasting a bit. (147 min)