Never Goin’ Back

If Cheech and Chong were girls, and 16

Never Goin’ Back Trailer

Sixteen-year-old BFF school dropouts Angela and Jessie can think of no better goal than a week at Galveston Beach. Ick. They blow their rent money on travel arrangements, but they can work extra shifts at their crappy diner until departure. Except they get fired for showing up for work baked to the gills, and then their house gets robbed.

It’s benignly offensive, vacuous, scatological, and the jokes are stale. By rights, it shouldn’t work. But I have to admit, highly
sophisticated film critic as I am, I had a ball. This devilishly gleeful film’s success is largely due to the effervescent charisma, charm and breezy sexuality of the two leads, Maia Mitchell and Camila Morrone.

It’s non-judgmental. Oh, these kids may one day face the consequences of their actions. But maybe they won’t, and not in
this movie. Though they may live in a milieu of American malaise (Dallas), they probably don’t know this. They aspire, and that’s enough. In the end, it’s way, well, ballsier than the average guy-centered teenage comedy.

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