No Hard Feelings

Risky funny business

Faced with losing the home she already owns to ruinous Montauk property taxes, townie Maddie comes across an intriguing Craigslist ad, placed by some helicopter parents seeking a “companion” that can bring their socially awkward, Princeton-bound son out of his shell before being exposed to the excesses of college. Make a man out of him, nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

If this kind of airy, low-stakes sex comedy is to see a revival, I couldn’t think of anyone better to start it off than Jennifer Lawrence. The reason she’s currently the highest-paid actress in the industry is that she is capable of making iffy, borderline stuff like this work. The engaging chemistry between Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman (spot-on, showing great range in a narrow role), as the young tutee, is what makes this movie, if not laugh-out-loud funny, certainly a constant chuckle.

Not great, and in places a little squirm-inducing (it is, after all, about bought sex), it’s nevertheless way better than you thought it would be and has a ton of heart. (103 min)