Rifkin’s Festival

Where’s Woody?

Woody Allen’s decade-long slide into indulgent mediocrity is unlikely to be halted by this flaccid exercise, but certain cinematic demographics will enjoy the abundant easter eggs, fine performances, fun cameos, and well-hidden wry humor. Those demos are: die-hard fans of the writer/director, and those classic film aficionados who bemoan what cinema used to be. Everyone else gonna walk out.

A suitably schlubby Wallace Shawn (Allen’s avatar this time around) plays a snobbish American film critic at the San Sebastian Film Festival, tagging along with his publicist wife (Gina Gershon), who is there representing a colossally shallow but good-looking young director (Louis Garrel). Angst, yet? Okay, I found it fleetingly diverting, with at least one good new joke: Gershon’s wistful admission to having an affair with her client: “Knowing that I was a married woman almost ruined the great sex.” It’s the kind of film that looks like it was way more fun to make than watch. Bottom line: This lazy but likable overseas rom-com is unlikely to change the views of either Allen fans or detractors. (88 min)

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