She Came to Me

Strained eccentricity

An opera composer feeling vaguely unfulfilled by his somewhat anal psychiatrist wife finds his muse and breaks his creator’s block when he has a one-night stand with a sex-addicted lady tugboat skipper. 

Now, no movie starring Anne Hathaway and Marisa Tomei has ever been bad. And I’ll watch Peter Dinklage in anything. He is, after all, the guy who elevated Game of Thrones to borderline watchable. 

And writer/director Rebecca Miller has made fine, deeply meaningful, and even funny movies (Personal Velocity, Maggie’s Plan). But madcap comedy is harder than it looks, and her attempt at an oddball relationship piece is neither funny nor dramatically effective. 

She’s trying too hard to be quirky, and the result is a hugely disjointed, overstuffed confection rife with jarringly chaotic ironies, situations and motivations. It’s all ostentatiously odd but never remotely credible. Great musical score, though. (102 min)