Sonic Feasts

Sonic Feasts

Notes by Yamaha


Experience a symphony of flavors and sounds as you indulge in a meal or afternoon tea at Yamaha Ginza Studio in Chuo-ku. Inside the “Notes by Yamaha” café, live music, cuisine and technological innovation come together to create an unforgettable feast for the senses.

Yamaha Cafe Interior

“Real Sound Viewing” with Food
Ascend to the café’s second-floor lounge, where you can sit back and dine during a “Real Sound Viewing” experience, featuring live music played on a grand piano, double bass and drum set. But here’s the surprise—these instruments play themselves, exhibiting uncanny human-like expressiveness. Behind the magic lies more than three decades of continuous innovation, resulting in acoustic instruments capable of capturing human performers’ nuances and variations in their playing, adding a touch of wonder to your musical dining experience.

For those seeking a taste of musical history, the café’s menu features an array of dishes inspired by history’s greatest classical composers and anecdotes about the foods they loved. Rossini, a connoisseur of fine dining, found joy in crafting new recipes and infusing a dash of culinary references into his operas, inspiring dishes like the soufflé omelet enriched with artichoke, mozzarella and truffle. Alternatively, try the herring—a fish said to have sustained Bach during times of poverty—stuffed with kelp and marinated in vinegar. Indulge in a pancake sandwich with Wagner’s favorite Swiss hash browns, cheddar cheese, and Italian sausage, despite his attempts at vegetarianism. And for admirers of Chopin, savor the cod pot-au-feu, a combination of sautéed cod, anchovies and fragrant herbs.

As your taste buds take center stage, “Real Sound Viewing” fills the air with music, creating a striking illusion. Musicians are portrayed alongside each self-playing instrument, performing on-screen. The result is a dynamic live performance that recreates the essence of each musician’s style, enabling you to relive a concert of the past while enjoying a “Sinatra’s Highball.”

Yamaha Cafe Menu

Composer-Inspired Cocktails
The “Notes by Yamaha” café lounge offers an assortment of cocktails and mocktails inspired by legendary musicians and composers, conveying their stories through carefully curated ingredients. The “Secret Coffee Negroni,” for instance, is a coffee cocktail inspired by J.S. Bach’s Coffee Cantata, BWV 211, a humorous work frequently performed as a miniature comic opera. The Coffee Cantata portrays the joys and obsessions of coffee drinking within the coffeehouse culture of Bach’s time. Picture yourself in Lieschen’s shoes, the coffee-loving heroine who sings the praises of caffeine despite her father’s disapproval, as you savor the essence of orange in the smoothness of iced coffee.

If you’re curious about John Lennon’s caffeine preferences, try the “Resurrection Alexander,” a twist on a favorite cocktail from his so-called “Lost Weekend.” During this time, Lennon embraced an indulgent lifestyle away from Yoko Ono, and this drink serves as a small reminder. With coffee bean-infused brandy, chocolate liqueur, and heavy cream, the “Resurrection Alexander” brings us closer to Lennon during his nights of revelry. Here’s to embracing your passion for coffee, just as Lieschen and Lennon did.

Yamaha Cafe Drink

Drinks at the “Music Table”
Downstairs, the café stand offers Yamaha’s signature art lattes, teas and soft drinks. Lattes are adorned with a musical pattern of your choice, including piano, guitar, trumpet, or bass. With your drink in hand, head over to the “Music Table”—an interactive space where anyone can create music without requiring musical expertise.

This projection-mapped table conjures charming creatures, dynamic shapes, or other lively visuals that dance and swirl around your cup. Should your drink summon a cello-esque fish, it will produce cello-like tones or melodies. Shapes may playfully interact with your cup and those of fellow guests, generating whimsical bubbling, popping, or clinking sounds. As more cups are placed, an ensemble of sound comes to life, creating a collaborative musical experience among strangers and friends.

“Notes by Yamaha” presents an ever-evolving menu titled “Artist Collaborations.” The creations on this menu pay homage to the performers featured at Yamaha Hall, including Akira Jimbo’s “Bananambo Smoothie,” Hitoshi Oki’s “Energico Tonic,” and Iori Kimura & Kohei Morita Duo’s “Summer Blue.” As fall approaches, anticipate limited-time collaborations celebrating the Gem Recital and Chamber Music performers. Whether you’re a music aficionado or simply seeking a unique dining experience, Yamaha Ginza Studio promises an unforgettable blend of musical and gastronomic delights.