Talk to Me

Don’t wanna hold your hand

A bunch of mindless Aussie teenagers find that by grasping an embalmed human hand and saying, “Talk to me,” they can briefly communicate with spirits from “the other side.” Their micro-possession parties are all great fun, but when one of them goes too far, terrifying entities become able to cross to this side.

I know, I know. Been there, done that. Hell, that’s what Flatliners was about.  Not so fast. You see, writer/directors Danny and Michael Philippou are not shooting for originality, but to offer a spirited, unsettling and, yes, gripping spin on such horror clichés. And they do, with startling effect. Though the logic doesn’t always add up, the scares and the constant sense of dread are genuine. Give these boys a hand!

No small credit goes to the highly charismatic Sophie Wilde for her spot-on, multi-level debut performance. Hands down the best thing in the movie. Another plus is that the YouTuber brothers have eschewed CGI in favor of more traditional (and cheaper) practical effects.

Well-paced, smart, economical, relevant, contemporary, and with a pitch-perfect ending that I did not see coming. Be warned; this is pure, gory, hard-core horror, not at all toned down for the more sensitive members of the multiplex crowd. It’ll get into your head. Not for everyone, but a must-see for jaded horror fans. (95 min)