Tokyo PR Woman

Unremarkable flick, but Mizuki Yamamoto shines

Successful model Mizuki Yamamoto has been making the switch to acting slowly. She had supporting roles in The Kirishima Thing (2012) and Black Butler (2014), and here gets her first turn as the leading lady.

Reina (Yamamoto) is an awkward and under-confident bank O.L. (“office lady”) who decides she needs more from her career. She applies for a position at a PR firm and, despite a disastrous interview, gets the job. (A typical conceit of commercial Japanese film, the interview scene is played for quick effect but doesn’t make sense in the narrative.) Her immediate foil becomes her boss Kusakabe (Yūsuke Yamamoto), who isn’t convinced she can cut it in the fast-paced, stylish P.R. world. Naturally, what transpires is the clumsy shrinking violet becomes an elegant, self-assured professional woman, with all the chic trappings.

Though generally a formulaic and utterly unremarkable flick, Yamamoto does a good job with the set pieces and mainstream character. This may herald her beginning as a high-profile actress. (81 min)