Numazuko Ginza 1st

Numazuko Ginza 1st

Kaiten-zushi and sake in Ginza


Uni at Numazuko Ginza 1st (Photo by Mike Kanert)

Sushi-Bar Numazuko Ginza 1st is a step-up kaiten-zushi/sake bar perched atop the upscale (and recently opened) Kirarito Ginza department store.

While only the sardines and sakura-ebi come from the actual Numazu Port area, the rest of the menu is as fresh as anything sourced in Suruga Bay: The salmon (¥220) are delectably soft and the chūtoro (¥520) appropriately melty. The uni (¥520) is the hot item to grab off the track.

Another branch in Shinjuku; English menu available.

8F Kirarito Ginza, 1-8-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku.