Plum Lucky


Originally published on on February 2014

While almost all izakaya offer one, or possibly two, varieties of umeshu (plum wine) at the bottom of their drink list, fewer places offer a more substantial selection of the sweet alcoholic nectar. Just opened near Tokyo station, the short sightedly named Umeshu Bar 2014 (1-3-22 Yaesu, Chuo-ku. tel 03-3271-1135) offers a dazzling array of 25 different types of plum liquor from Nakano B.C., a top maker in Wakayama Prefecture. The lineup includes Beninankou, the winner of the first annual Umeshu Grand Prix and varieties flavored with lemon, strawberry and ginger. The food menu is also designed around umeshu, including a shabu-shabu set featuring Yamagata beef (¥4,800) and boiled tofu served with konbu broth (¥600).