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In this episode of our podcast, we’re joined by director Mark Osborne, whose new take on The Little Prince has landed on screens in Japan, to talk about how he became involved in the project, why it was important to protect the book (and how he did it), and why stop-action animation is so challenging.

We also sit down with with Swiss entrepreneur and filmmaker Michel Bielecki to talk about his documentary project Heirs of a Forgotten Time, which is designed to raise awareness of and to preserve traditional Japanese crafts, as well as the online platform ZenPuls, which brings together Japanese artisans and customers from around the world—in their own language.

In addition to our two featured interviews, we look around at the many open-air markets that pop up around the city this time of year, and bring you Audio Lingoist Japanese language tips. Plus, we once again make a few trips to Classifieds Corner.

This week’s segments were recorded at the Warner Bros. offices in Tokyo and at the Shinjuku Hilton.

Interview: Mark Osborne, The Little Prince (00:02:22)
Sponsor: Bar Quest (00:28:35)
Classifieds Corner (00:29:34)
Lingoist: Apartment Hunting (00:30:08)
Open-Air Holiday Markets (00:31:42)
Classifieds Corner (00:42:26)
Sponsor: Hooters (00:43:11)
Interview: Michel Bielecki, ZenPuls (00:44:21)
Classifieds Corner (01:14:33)
Sponsor: Dubliners’ Irish Pub (01:15:15)
Closing (01:16:23)

C Bryan Jones

Mark Osborne and Michel Bielecki

Editorial Team
Martin Leroux and Momoko Mochizuki

Classifieds Corner
Davi Azevedo

Editor and Producer
C Bryan Jones

Bar Quest
Dubliners’ Irish Pub

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