Podcast: Metropolis On Air 2

Podcast: Metropolis On Air 2

Interviews with FOX’s Dan Smith + LaTonya Whitaker of Taste the Love, tearful advertisements, and more


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In this episode of our weekly podcast, we’re joined by FOX Executive Producer Dan Smith to chat about the end of Backstage Pass, the launch of J Club TV, and more of his plans for the future. Dan also tells us how he first got his producing gig in Japan—a fascinating story that proves that persistence does pay off. We also sit down with Mississippi-native LaTonya Whitaker, whose A Taste of Love catering and cooking classes bring authentic Creole, Cajun, and Southern soul food to Tokyo.

In addition to our two feature interviews, we have an Editors’ Summit in which we attempt to unravel the mystery of the tearful Afternoon Tea ads, an audio Lingoist that will help you avoid freezing in the office this summer, and a few trips to Classifieds Corner.

This week’s segments were recorded at the Tokyo American Club, under the atrium at Tokyo Midtown, and beside the pond at Hinokicho Park.

C Bryan Jones

Dan Smith and LaTonya Whitaker

Editorial Team
Martin Leroux and Momoko Mochizuki

Classifieds Corner
Davi Azevedo

Editor and Producer
C Bryan Jones

Studio Sur
Yokohama Sparkling Twilight
AUDIO 2015

Interview: Fox Executive Producer Dan Smith (00:02:38)
Classifieds Corner (00:28:49)
Studio Sur (00:29:11)
Editors’ Summit (00:30:29)
AUDIO 2015 (00:38:37)
Lingoist (00:40:08)
Classifieds Corner (00:41:48)
Interview: Taste the Love’s LaTonya Whitaker (00:42:28)
Classifieds Corner (00:59:57)
Yokohama Sparkling Twilight (01:00:35)
Closing (01:01:56)

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