Homeshake, Canadian artist Peter Sagar’s solo project, has released four acclaimed albums so far. After his Osaka show in 2018 was cancelled, the former Mac DeMarco guitarist announced a 2020 Japan tour which will take in Tokyo and Kyoto. Metropolis spoke to Sagar about his new album, his love of Japanese music and the music-making process. 

Metropolis: Could you tell us a bit about your fourth album Helium?

Peter Sagar: I was quite happy while I was writing it, it’s probably my most optimistic album. It was the first time I recorded and mixed the whole thing by myself in my apartment.

M: Is there any theme or concept for the album?

S: Not intentionally, all my albums are generally just a reflection of my state of mind while making them. It came out quite “poppy,” which was fun to do. 

M: You recorded the latest album in your apartment. How does it feel when producing music is a part of your daily life?

S: Even if I’m not actively working on something I’m still thinking about what’s next or how to improve what I made the night before.

M: How would you describe your music?

S: Relaxing.

M: What’s your favorite song from the new album Helium to perform?

S: I don’t have any favorites, all the songs fall into the live set and find their space in it. Some can be performed more naturally, others take more work, but whatever the result we only play it if I’m happy with how it’s sounding.

M: You are based in Montreal, are there any bands/artists from the city you are close to or respect?

S: I actually moved to Toronto recently, so I’m looking forward to meeting artists in my new home.

M: You played with some Japanese artists for your last Japan tour in 2018. Do you have any favorite Japanese musicians?

S: I’m a huge Ryuichi Sakamoto fan, from his work with Yellow Magic Orchestra to his contemporary releases. I love Mioko Yamaguchi’s 1983 album Tsuki-Hime, and Taeko Onuki’s albums Signifie and SUNSHOWER. Also my friends ypy and foodman, they are amazing producers. There are many more.

M: What can we expect for this upcoming Japan tour?

S: We like to do very relaxing shows, and we’re planning on playing a new song or two.

M: You play in Japan quite often. What does Tokyo mean to you?

S: I love to visit Japan, this will be my fourth time playing there, for which I feel very fortunate. I’m very excited to have udon and ramen. Hopefully we’ll have time to hang out and explore. I’ve been to Tokyo several times but it still feels like a mystery, I’ve barely scratched the surface.

HOMESHAKE Japan Tour 2020 
March 13, 2020
Doors: 6pm | Start: 7pm

1F O-East 2-14-9 Dogenzaka