Spring Into Style

Spring Into Style

Fashionistas tell Metropolis what's in This Season


Originally published on metropolis.co.jp on March 2010

Spring has arrived, and trendy Tokyoites are pushing their winter blacks and grays to the back of their closets and going out in search of a whole new style. Metropolis took to the backstreets of Harajuku to find out what will be the next big thing this year.

LEFT: “I think accessories made from light materials like chiffon but with a South Asian feel will be popular this spring.”RIGHT: “I want to mark the start of spring by getting a really short haircut—I think a lot of girls will be doing that.”

LEFT: “I think lots of guys will be wearing Aladdin pants.”RIGHT: “I want to go to some vintage shops in Harajuku and get a new wardrobe in earthy colors.”

LEFT: “I just got a tough-looking military surplus jacket to wear with a cute floral print dress. That will be my look this spring.” RIGHT: “I want to get a nice denim jacket. It’s pretty much a standard item for spring.”

LEFT: “I want to get a nice cardigan or a big scarf. It’s a fashionable way of dealing with the unpredictable spring weather.”RIGHT: “I want to get a folksy kind of dress and match it with western boots. I think that look will be in this season.”

“I think a lot of guys will be wearing tweed flat caps this spring.”

LEFT: “I’ll go shopping in Harajuku to look for a nice ankle-length skirt.”RIGHT: “I want to go shopping in Koenji to find a unique pair of overalls with a printed pattern.”