teamLab Borderless at Azabudai Hills

teamLab Borderless at Azabudai Hills

What to expect from the new location


Chances are you’ve either heard of teamLab or you’ve glimpsed their mesmerizing digital art on your social media feed. With established locations in Odaiba, Tokyo as well as Singapore, Hong Kong, and beyond, Tokyo’s latest addition at the Azabudai Hills complex opened its doors on February 9th, 2024. Titled “teamLab Borderless,” this venue showcases a blend of brand-new immersive digital works along with revitalized favorites from previous installations. 

Image by Jacqueline Clark

But what defines teamLab? With an emphasis on “borderless,” teamLab strives to create an environment where art and humanity can coexist and interact seamlessly. As if truly borderless, the artistic elements travel throughout the space, while visitors can directly connect with and influence them through touch. During a recent tour of the Azabudai Hills site, Takashi Kudo, TeamLab’s Global Brand Director, elaborated on the flying butterfly images that traverse the spaces, symbolizing “the butterfly effect” and underscoring our connection to the world around us. “Just by existing, you become part of the artwork,” Kudo emphasized. 

Images by Jacqueline Clark

The sensory experience offered by teamLab transcends social media posts or written descriptions like this one. An exclusive piece to the Azabudai Hills location, “Light Sculpture” immerses visitors in 1,300 beams of light choreographed to harmoniously create intricate three-dimensional patterns in the air. Many of the works mirror the seasons, reflecting nature with images, sounds of rain, and delicate floral scents that evolve throughout the year.

teamLab Global Brand Director Takashi Kudo 

To highlight the interplay between works, individual pieces within the museum are often intentionally left without titles or captions. When asked about his artistic contributions to teamLab, Kudo responded with a laugh, “There is no single genius of teamLab and no independent art… It’s a collective!” This emphasis on collectivism and connection pervades the space as if echoing Japanese values. For those accustomed to more individualistic societies, teamLab Borderless offers an enlightening opportunity to experience the magic of collaborative creation. 

Image by Jacqueline Clark

Whether you have attended teamLab’s Odaiba locations or are a first-time visitor, the Azabudai Hills venue promises a fresh experience. Snap a few photos during your visit, but challenge yourself to detach from your phone to engage with the art around you. While teamLab Borderless is often labeled as “Instagrammable” or “trendy,” remember that photographs only capture a fraction of the experience. 

Accessing the new teamLab is very convenient, with direct access from Kamiyacho station via the Hibiya line or by walking through the Azabudai Hills complex to the garden space outside, then down the escalators leading to the B1 floor. Tickets can be purchased on teamLab’s official website and prices range from ¥3,800 to ¥4,800 for adults depending on the day. Tickets must be purchased in advance with a designated entrance time.

Azabudai Hills Garden Plaza B, B1 Floor
1-6 Azabudai, Minato-ku

Purchase tickets on the official website:

Image from teamLab