Tokyo Parenting Groups

Tokyo Parenting Groups

Only parents understand what it's like to be a parent


Photo by Takashi Kashiwaya

Little Angels Tokyo Playgroup

Join the fun of wee ones in the sun with a group that has been running since 2001. Set near Sakura Shinmachi Station, mothers with tots not yet walking are welcome to join the group that meets twice a month for play, fun, and companionship. Drop them a note through their webpage and join the fun.

Chiba Peanuts Multicultural Playgroup

Established six years ago, this parenting group is open to kids of all ages and backgrounds. The founders welcome families in and around Ichikawa-shi, Funabashi-shi, and Urayasu-shi in Chiba who are interested in forging multicultural relationships. Send them a note via their Facebook page and see what good things are happening in that neighboring prefecture.

East Tokyo Parents Group

Parents living in one of the hearts of old Tokyo – Asakusa, Kurame, Ueno, etc.—with small children are welcome to join this group for good fun, conversation, and neighborliness. Send a message to the group to get added to their roster and see what fun awaits!

Half Time JPN

Mums and Dads alike will find this group for those parenting half-Japanese children a boon. Their page is a place to meet, ask questions, and generally share information about families of all sizes and ages. Send along a direct message to get involved.

Inokashira Odakyu Parents

Created to be an information hub for families living along the Odakyu and Inokashira Lines, the group shares information about everything from kid-friendly restaurants, upcoming events, parks, shopping tips, or anything else members think might be useful. Message them to start seeing what great things are going on!

International Families of Shitamachi

Open to families living in, near, or who are somehow connected to this part of the city, the group aims to bring international families together. Those living in or within reach of Kita, Arakawa, Taito, Adachi, Katsushika, Koto, Sumida, and Edogawa are of particular interest. The group offers advice on shopping, events, or tips on living in the area. Message them and find out what’s happening downtown!

International Mothers in Yokohama

A group organized for mothers and families raising children in Yokohama, members gather for events throughout the year. A website and Facebook page offer advice, resources, and other useful bits and bobs of information for those with children of all ages and sizes in Yokohama.

Little Explorers Playgroup

Little Explorers Playgroup is for parents of tots anywhere from 0 to 4 years old that meets in a different place in Tokyo regularly. The group aims to create a variety of events at different parks or places in Tokyo at varying times of the day. The hope is to offer something that works for everyone at some time or another. Send a message to the organizer to get involved and see where the fun takes you!

Keio Line Kids

Families living along the Keio Lines, including Keio Inokashira and Keio Sagamihara, are welcome to join this group for play-dates, meet-ups, or just to chat in person or on-line. Their hope is to share information and introduce families to each other.

Kids English Literacy Skills In Japan

This group is aimed at families with children attending Japanese schools and where there is at least one English-speaking parent and who hope to maintain some level of bilingualism. Parents join to get ideas and support to help their children with English reading and writing skills, and with some of the other challenges that come with a bilingual household. Send a request along to one of the two organizers with a note to get started.

Tokyo Mothers Group

A web page listing a wide variety of resources and activities for families in the Tokyo area that is worth perusing. The comprehensive website offers information on everything from pregnancy to events to food in Japan as well as various groups and events that might be of interest to parents.

Best Living Japan

An information site for global families in Japan. Also offers educational and cultural seminars.

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